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Uncertainty in raising children

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raising children


Parental uncertainty affects the relationship with the children. The fear that we do the mistake is immediately reflected in the behavior of children. If parents do not know well what they want, the children immediately have power in their hands. Children feel they can impose their will as they pleased.

Parenting tips for a happy children

In this case, children are becoming more demanding, and parents the weaker and compliant. Finally, the daily flow is determined by the child and the parents are deprived of their needs.

Parents must act consciously and intentionally in the raising kids. They have not to do the following:

- Reproach

- Ask questions starting with WHY

- Pleas and entreaties

- Conditioning "if-then"

- Ignoring

Set clear boundaries and keep them!

You decide that you set family rules, parental guidance and child development. Be careful on the needs of your child - but also on their own!

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