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The rules for the newborn baby

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newborn baby


Already at the moment of fertilization is determined by lot on what you can not control: sex, height, physique and appearance, but also his tendency to diseases, temperament, appetite and ability to learn.

Teach your children well

What rules must children learning in the first year of life?

1. Mom decides when to give me something to eat and what you will give me. I can decide if I want to eat and how much.

2. When I fed up, happy and in a good mood, my mother likes a lot to play with me

3. When I cry, I get everything I need. If I continue I yell, I get less parental attention

4. parents several times a day a lot of dealing with me. But when they have to do something important, I must have fun and if you like it and do not like.

5. In our apartment can almost all explore. But just some things I can not not touch

Does connect your child relationships in this way? Then they will learn the following: getting from parents all I need. But, not always everything I want. My parents take care of my needs. But sometimes just better know what is good for me.

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