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The problem with jealousy

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Sample ImageAt the beginning of the story, I want to tell you here don't talk about cases in which you are known your partner is cheat. In this case, jealousy is justified and understandable. In this story I am talking about jealousy which you feel every time when your partner is late at home, when is on the road, when is with a friends and etc.


Jealous definition: Jealousy destroy relationships

Jealousy in relationship is one of the adversely things in the relationship. We are witnesses for a large number of relationships. Partner in which are suspected, becomes angry and criticized, if he's blameless. And, that's right. Relationship must be based on the trust and therefore you have to trust your partner that he's blameless until it's proved otherwise.

The reasons of jeaulous are numerous. Most of them are associated with something that was happened earlier in the life. But however, you must figure out that you are the ones who have to solve the problem of jealousy. For your jealousy is not blamewortly your partner but just you. The partner's obligation is not constantly talking about where he is.

Given that the relationship problems are common, I hope your partner will help you with your problem of jelaous. But surely you have to cope with the problem or you will be left without a partner.

On the other hand, if your partner is jealous, you don't have to explain to him where you were every minute. But if you want good relationship, you will need to make clear your partner there is no reason for a jealous and show him a lot of understanding.

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